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What is Financial Domination?

Financial domination is a unique form of domination and submission in which the submissive gives money to the dominant. Money slavery is not payment for services rendered, but a show of submission. By offering money to one's Financial Domme, a money slave is exchanging power. After all, the slave presumably worked hard to earn that money, but their earnings are instead given up to a Money Mistress who might not even give them back anything in return. This can make financial domination a very intense fetish, and one which can also be implemented online. In other types of online domination or phone domination, the money slave or other submissive can always pretend to be doing many things and obeying instructions for humiliating tasks and the like. Most online domination offers very little real aspects. However, this method of domination is one of few ways that an online submissive can really experience 'pain' since physical contact is obviously not there. Instead, these Mistresses hurt a slave's wallet, whether it be working harder to earn more money for his Financial Domme, paying her bills, buying gifts, or funding hot nights out with some other man. Financial domination often involves other fetishes as well such as humiliation, verbal abuse, and cuckolding.

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